After being stuck for less than 5 months, the Ever Given super ship tried to cross the Suez Canal again

 Ever Given – The ‘infamous’ container ship that once blocked the Suez Canal, disrupting global trade in the middle of March 2021, has once again returned to the area where it had a problem.

According to The Guardian, a few weeks after docking at the British port of Felixstowe - after months of negotiations over who should pay for the damage caused by the March incident - the Ever Given vessel returned to Port Said. , Egypt on the night of August 19.

The next day, the world's largest container ship with a capacity of 220,000 tons began its journey through the Suez Canal. Ever Given was escorted by two tugs. Fortunately, the live ship tracking log shows that Ever Given successfully crossed the Suez into the Red Sea without any incident.

The operation to rescue the Ever Given ship from the canal in March halted the journeys of hundreds of other ships, forcing some to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) with a much longer distance. .

Initial reports suggested that the 200,000-ton and 400-meter-long Ever Given supership was stuck in the Suez Canal due to strong winds and sandstorms affecting visibility.

However, the head of the Suez Canal Authority said that weather conditions were "not the main cause" for the stranding.

A dispute over compensation after the disruption of trade resulted in the Ever Given being held by Egyptian authorities for four months. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) ordered the owner of the Ever Given ship to pay $996 million.

Meanwhile, the company that owns Shoei Kisen Kaisha (Japan) believes that SCA is the one responsible for allowing the Ever Given ship to pass through the canal despite bad weather.

Finally, on July 6, Egypt's Ismailia Provincial Economic Court agreed to remove the impoundment order on the giant ship Ever Given, allowing it to leave the Suez Canal on July 7 to continue. itineraries as required by the SCA. The compensation also paid by the owner of the Ever Given ship was also reduced to $ 550 million.

After the ship was released, Shoei Kisen Kaisha confirmed that he will continue to be a loyal customer of the Suez channel. Since entering service in 2018, the Ever Given super ship has passed through the Suez Canal a total of 22 times.

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