Former Marvel editor-in-chief revealed that the MCU is quietly developing Secret Wars, an event that brings together a "terrible" superhero team than Endgame

 The shadow that Avengers: Endgame leaves is too big, but Marvel Studios is holding a lot of strategic cards to be able to overcome the success of this blockbuster, one of which is the Secret multiverse war. Wars.

Avengers: Endgame is Marvel's highest-grossing film at the moment, bringing together almost all of the cult superheroes in this cinematic universe. That inadvertently puts a lot of pressure on the MCU's production team: How can they overcome the shadow of Endgame? What event is bigger and bigger than the war between the Avengers and Thanos? A lot of information shows that Marvel Studios is quietly developing Secret Wars - the most epic multiverse war in the comics.

Marvel's Super Heroes Secret Wars is a comic book series written and published by Jim Shooter, former Marvel editor, and published from April 1984 to May 1985. Although it only includes 12 numbers, but Secret Wars is made up of many other mini-series, and also brings a series of the most popular superheroes such as Avengers, X-Men or the Illuminati. After that, Marvel also released a number of works that followed or inspired this series, such as What If?, Secret Wars (2015) or Spider-Man: Life Story.

So on what basis can we confirm that Secret Wars is about to break out in the MCU? The first reason, in a press conference at the recent Megacon Orlando event, Jim Shooter shared that he once received a rather interesting offer from a Marvel director: To write a novel about Secret Wars. . He considered the offer, but immediately turned it down after looking at the contract, saying it was "a kind of draconian salaried job".

Next, David Bogart, Marvel Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Publishing Operations and Supply, contacted Jim to apologize for the misunderstanding caused by his subordinates. David then offered $10,000 in royalties in exchange for the Secret Wars copyright, and it seems that price made Jim Shooter happy.

To summarize everything that happens in Secret Wars, just one article is probably not enough, but one thing is for sure, this is the biggest event with the most famous characters in the universe. Marvel.

However, this also made Jim curious about Marvel Entertainment's future plans. He shared: "After signing the contract, I immediately asked David: 'So that means you guys are going to make a movie (about Secret Wars) right?". In response, David said: "I am not allowed to disclose this." When I thought it was all too clear, he said it was just an action to make sure Marvel Entertainment could freely copyright in accordance with the law."

“And this is not difficult to understand, because Hollywood is very afraid of possible risks. There used to be a period when just one movie was released and it was immediately sued for copyright issues. Marvel wants to secure copyright before they start building the movie version. So when I signed with them, they had a solid shield for me. A few friends in the world have revealed to me that they are already working on Secret Wars."

However, it should be noted that the cinematic version of Secret Wars will certainly have a lot of changes compared to the original, and not every battle will be included in the MCU. Jim Shooter said this will be a particularly complex adaptation project: "The problem is that the copyrights for some characters (in Secret Wars) are owned by other companies and are bound by many different contracts. together. So I don't know if they're producing this movie, but I daresay they're trying to make it happen. David Bogard doesn't share too much with me, but they are doing Secret Wars."

It is also worth noting that in 2015, Marvel published another Secret Wars series, focusing on the collapse of the multiverse, with the Earth of each different reality being merged into one to create a single universe. New Battleworld planet. Meanwhile, Marvel's Loki series has opened up the multiverse for the MCU, setting the stage for two movies Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is not excluded that the Secret Wars project will be more inspired by this series than the version that was released more than 3 decades ago; or better, they can combine both versions to create epic multiverse war in their own way.

Thus, Secret Wars may be one of the plans that Marvel Studios is planning for the future of the MCU, of the next Avengers movies. However, to realize this project, they will need more time to bring new characters into their cinematic universe one by one. The next two phases of the MCU will continue to explore the theme of the multiverse, along with the appearance of a series of "new but old" faces such as Fantastic Four, Blade, or X-Men. And who knows, when they have fully prepared "ammunition", they will officially spark the Secret Wars war on the big screen?

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