How to install Core, Epic's new multi-functional game universe

 Guide readers on how to install and experience Core, Epic's new multi-functional gaming universe.

As you know, Core is a platform that both allows the gaming community to play games and provides powerful tools to support the game making process. Players will be able to create their own world and connect their "home" with the Multiverse, to the mansions of other players.

Core gives players the power of Unreal Engine, easy to use for both beginners and pros. You will have access to hundreds of graphic resources, sound, 3D modeling tools, terrain processing tools, ... completely free. When you upload games to the Core platform, you can also receive money.

So how can I access to download and install Core on my computer? This article will guide you.

Go to this link and click "Get".

Epic Store will ask you to register or log in to an account if one already exists.

After completing the account registration/login, the terms of use dialog box will appear, please mark the confirmation and click "Accept".

The interface "buy" Core appears, please mark the confirmation and click "Place Order".

Finish "owning" Core, click "Open Epic Games Launcher" to launch the Epic application available on your computer or click "Download" to download.

After downloading, install Epic Games Launcher on your computer.

This process will happen automatically and takes a little time.

Once installed, log in to the Epic account you registered above.

The Epic Store interface appears, click "Download".

In this interface, you will see that Epic Store is automatically uploading Core to your computer.

After the download is complete, the Core installation interface appears.

Please note the choice of Core storage location in which partition has a lot of free space because all games and data will be saved there.

After the installation is complete, the Core interface will appear and now it's time for you to explore "Epic's new game universe"!

On the Core platform, there are more than 20,000 games, with all genres from RPG, shooting, strategy, tank shooting to puzzles. Epic Games claims that there will be daily updates, Core's game library will grow bigger and bigger. However, just like any platform that allows players to upload homemade games, like Roblox or Dream, you will still have to "dig" through a mountain of games to find something interesting and suitable for you.

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