The disadvantages of the multi-function electronic microwave oven I have drawn after 17 years of use – keep in mind before buying lest you regret

 After 17 years of using a multi-function electronic microwave oven, it was not until I changed the oven that I felt relieved every time I reheated food.

Hello friends. I'm always looking for advice, information and reviews on my favorite products before I "spend" so I'm usually very satisfied with the items I buy. However, this habit has only formed a few years ago, and before that many times I had to hold a grudge.

The first microwave oven my family bought was Electrolux EMS2840 in 2004. Because I had no experience, I just saw an electronic oven, a 7-segment LED screen (it was good at that time), integrated with the grill feature, I was very love it and buy it without thinking. I don't remember the exact price at that time, but it must have been one and a half to two times higher than mechanical microwaves of the same capacity.

However, during the process of using it (2004-2021), I found it revealed the following disadvantages:

1.The grill feature is used very little, perhaps the number of times on the fingers.

In the first few days when I bought it, I was excited to bake potatoes, bake pizza, bake corn... but the results were not what I expected. Due to the use of the above burner (mayso), there are the following inconveniences:

-The underside of the food doesn't cook and has to be turned over - quite complicated. With pizza, flipping the sides will cause the "stuffing" on the top to fall, and the cheese will stick to the baking sheet.

-Every day, the process of heating food with the microwave function causes moisture, fat ... to rise and cling to the burner and the mesh, causing this area to rust. Having a burner also makes cleaning the oven take longer.

The advice for you is to only buy a regular microwave oven, and an oven to buy separately.

2.The electronic board is easy to see but broken and can't be replaced

The advantage of the control panel using 7-segment LED is that it is very intuitive and highly accurate when it helps us to watch the cooking time to every second. However, over a period of time, suddenly the LED showing the time on my microwave oven "died" a few segments. Although it does not affect daily use much, it looks very uncomfortable, but I don't want to buy a replacement. I had to live with it for many years.

3.The door opening mechanism is convenient, but it is easy to break and dangerous

Microwave ovens have two ways to open the oven door: push the mechanical button or use your hand to pull it open. My Electrolux EMS 2840 electronic oven belongs to the second category. On the oven door there are 2 plastic tabs that both play the role of keeping the oven door tight and a safety switch.

However, after many years of use, it seems that these two plastic tabs are worn away, or the safety lock inside is stuck, causing many times when the oven door is opened, but the oven is still operating and buzzing, making people panic. .

Therefore, before opening the oven door, I have to completely unplug the power plug, and plug it back in every time I want to use it. Very inconvenient indeed!

My advice to you is to buy an oven with a removable button!

4. Too many features, diverse cooking programs, but not really used

When I bought the oven, I wanted many features, many cooking programs, but in the process of daily use, 99% is only used to heat food, the rest is sometimes defrost. My mother is the main user of the oven in the house, and having too many programs for microwave cooking, grilling, microwave cooking and grilling... makes her overwhelmed. Reading the user manual, memorizing and applying it in practice is really difficult for my mother, so in my 17 years of service, the microwave oven almost only heats food. Really wasteful!

Advice for you is to only buy a furnace with few features! Basics like reheating and defrosting are available in any microwave, and it's not necessary to choose a variety of cooking programs that cost nothing!


Recently this oven broke down, turning on neither hot nor spinning. I regretted it, so I took it to repair and was told that the board was broken, could not be repaired and there was no replacement => had to throw it away and buy a new one.

This time, because I have experience, I accept to "come down": choose a simple mechanical furnace, few features, cheap price but feel really satisfied. It's no exaggeration to say that after 17 years of using a microwave oven, it's only now that I feel relieved every time I reheat food.

Wish you buy a good microwave oven and suitable for your needs!

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