Turn your smartphone into an exercise guide at home during the "distant season"

Exercising at home will also help people improve their health and resistance, and prevent the possibility of infection.

During the pandemic, 'staying at home is patriotic', preventing the spread of the disease. But many people are also crazy about their legs, tired, and even depressed because they have to suddenly limit their activities. Is there a way to fix the 'freezing' of the body? It's not too difficult...

For people with little financial conditions and space to place exercise machines (only 2-3m2), the problem of home health training is very simple with multi-function machines such as cycling and walking costing from a few million to more. dozens, depending on the type. And people with financial abundance and relatively comfortable housing space, can buy more multi-purpose weightlifting chairs, abs exercises, hip shakes, boxing sandbags...

However, if you are used to being taught exercises by a coach but can't go to the gym due to distance reasons, the free apps below will turn your smartphone into a trainer. Personal trainer, providing exercises and instructions for users to follow at home.

The exercises are divided into different difficulty and easy levels and are guided visually, especially without requiring specialized training equipment, so they can be easily practiced anywhere.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout is a free application that will turn your smartphone into a personal trainer to teach users simple and effective exercises that anyone can follow right away. at home.

Each exercise provided by the application will only last 7 minutes (about 10 minutes if both warm-up and stretching exercises are included), but is guided in a very intuitive and vivid way with videos describing the movements in a very simple way. details that users can easily follow. The application also divides exercises with levels from easy to difficult to suit each person and specifies a specific time to perform exercises to bring the most effectiveness.

These exercises are selected and guided by experienced coaches, so users can completely trust to practice. With the help of the application, users only take a few minutes a day to follow the exercises provided by the application at home, which will help you get a supple fitness, a balanced body. and keep yourself healthy.

Home Workout No Equipment

Home workout no equipment is an application designed to help people exercise and stay healthy at home without having to use specialized equipment at the gym.

The advantage of the application is that it will divide exercises by level from simple to advanced and divide exercises into separate muscle groups so that users can easily choose the right exercises. suitable for your purpose, such as exercises to increase the strength of the upper body, exercises to increase strength of the lower body, exercises to increase chest or arm muscles...

The app also allows users to set a goal for training by the number of training sessions per week and will track the user's training progress to see if that goal is met or not.

Unlike J&J Official 7 Minute Workout when the exercises are illustrated in the form of videos, the Home workout no equipment application will illustrate exercises in the form of animations, which are also very simple and easy to understand for users to perform. follow. The application also guides users to perform warm-up and stretching steps before and after exercise to avoid injury during exercise.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga has long been a practice practiced by many people to increase flexibility as well as strengthen the mind. If you want to practice Yoga at home, you can use an app called Yoga For Beginners (Yoga for Beginners).

True to its name, this application will guide the basic steps for users to familiarize themselves and practice yoga at home. The application is divided into many different categories such as Yoga for beginners, Yoga in the morning, Yoga for a good night's sleep, etc. The exercises are also divided by level to suit each subject. user icon.

The application has visual instructions with video, easy-to-listen voice and accompanied by music so that users can practice effectively. In particular, the application also allows users to create a list of their favorite exercises, so that they can find and practice these exercises quickly and easily.


Being constantly at home and reading the news about the outbreak can make many people feel overwhelmed and anxious. In addition to resting or going to bed, regulating breathing is also a solution that can help reduce stress levels. Science has proven that breathing properly can help reduce stress effectively. However, not everyone knows how to breathe properly and reasonably.

Calmaria is an application that was born to help you in this case. Calmaria is a free application that will teach users how to breathe / breathe in each rhythm to help reduce stress and relax the mind.

How to use the application is very simple, you just need to click on the circle icon in the main interface, Calmaria will start instructing users how to inhale through the nose, hold the breath and exhale through the mouth. Users need to inhale, breathe in each rhythm in accordance with the time provided by the application until the end.


The above free apps are not only very useful and effective in exercising at home during the "distant season", but also help you relieve stress and pressure due to the epidemic situation. disease brings.

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